If you want to configure your TPLINK AX11000, first, you need to have access to your router admin panel. For this, you need to access login. Sometimes when you are connected to your router’s wireless connection and try to access login you may face a network error. In such a case you will be unable to access your TP Link router (Why am I unable to log into my TP Link Router?) WIFI’s web interface. Know more about setup

Therefore, make sure to test the wireless connection properly before attempting to proceed. Also, make sure to check your TP Link router firmware is updated to the latest version. The firmware update is very important for the proper functionality of your TP Link home Wi-Fi system.

When you are all set, follow the process below to log in with your AX11000 Next-Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router: login

  • Before starting, check the IP protocol settings and make sure it’s set to “Automatically Obtain IP address” and “Automatically Obtain DNS server address”.
  • Go to any installed web browser on your computer or Laptop and in the URL bar, enter the address or and press enter.
  • Now you will see the login page on your screen. Enter your correct username and password in relevant fields and click login to access the web interface of your TPLINK AX11000.
  • If you change the login credentials at the time of setup, then you can enter those to log in.
  • If you don’t remember the login credentials, try using the default TP-link username and password (where to find the default username and password of your tp link router?) to login.
  • When you Log In successfully the quick setup page will open on your screen. Check the selected region and time zone in the settings. If the information is correct move on from here. But if it is incorrect, just select your current region and time zone because otherwise, you might not be able to access the internet.
  • Make sure to check the WAN connection of your device.
  • You need to click at the “auto-detect” option so that your device can detect the type of network automatically.
  • Make any other changes that you deem fit. Make sure to change your default Login credentials if you didn’t already change those.
  • When you are done with configurations click “save” to save all your configuration settings.

Your router will be configured properly if you follow the steps properly. If you get any error trying to login, reset the router (how to reset your tplink router?) to default factory settings and start over the process.

Why am I unable to log into my TP Link Router?

If you can’t log into your TP Link router, then follow these steps below to login-

  • Check the LED lights of the router to see the working status of your router. If the lights are green it means it is working properly. But if any of the lights are red that means there is a problem so, follow the next steps.
  • Try to Reboot your TP-Link router by turning if off and on again.
  • If the connection is wired, remove the Ethernet cable and reconnect it. Make sure its properly connected to both router and computer.
  • Don’t forget to check whether the TCP/IP protocol settings on your computer are set to “Obtain IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.
  • Now open a browser on your connected device and enter the web address in the URL bar. You can also use the IP address to access the login page of your router’s admin panel.
  • If you encounter an error on the browser, try a different browser to access the log in page again.
  • Open the settings of your computer or Laptop.

You should be able to see “Internet options” wizard by doing the following – Click “Start” > Select “Control Panel”> “Network and Internet” > “Internet Options”. The Internet properties wizard will open on your screen.

  • Select “Connections” from the options.
  • Select the “Never dial a connection” button.
  • Go to “LAN settings” and untick automatic configuration and proxy server options.
  • Press “OK”.
  • Then open the “Advanced” option tab.
  • Select “Restore advanced settings”. And, click “OK”.
  • If the issue is still not fixed the You need to reset the router (how to reset your tplink router?) to default factory settings. Remember that Resetting the router would change your configuration settings back to the default settings.

If it’s not enough you can contact us directly.


If you check the label on your TP Link router, you would see the default credentials written on the label.

Usually the default TP Link router username is “admin” and the default TP Link password is also “admin”. Remember to enter the credentials in with no caps as the username and password is case sensitive.

When you login successfully login with given default credentials, you can access the admin settings to change the username and password. It is essential to change the default login password as otherwise, anyone can access your TP Link Wi-fi network. Changing the default password adds security to your wi-fi network. So, don’t forget to change the password when you log in successfully.

In case you changed the default username and password at the time of setup and now you can’t remember what the new username and password was, you can recover the default TP Link router Username and Password by doing a router Reset or contact Tplinkwifi.Net support

But be cautious as when you reset the TP-Link router, it will erase all your router preferences. All your settings will revert to default settings. So, if you choose to do a reset, you will have to set up preferences in the router settings again.

When you have forgotten the router setup username or password, then the only way is to do a router reset. It’s the easiest way to find your TP Link Router’s default login credentials. (238 words.


If your TP-Link device is not getting connected and you need to recover or reset your password, then you need to reset your TP link router.

It is an easy process. All TP Link routers have a reset button, so you need to locate the reset button on your TP-LINK wireless router. Remember all your previous router configuration settings will also reset back to factory settings. Therefore, you will have to reconfigure the router according to your preferred settings afterward.

Follow these steps to Reset the TP-Link router:

  • Your TP Link router has a reset button that you can use to do the Hard reset. So, Locate the Reset button labeled as ‘Reset’ or ‘Restore’ factory default settings.
  • Find a paper clip or a needle similar to a paper clip and use it to press and hold the reset button for about 8-10 seconds.
  • Wait for the Router to reset completely. It might take a few minutes.
  • Your router may turn on and off a few times for reset so, Let the router Restart and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Check the LED lights on your router to confirm its working fine.
  • When the reset is done, all your settings will be changed back to factory settings.
  • Now you will be able to open to access TP Link router admin panel with default username and password.
  • Open a browser and try to access or use the default IP Address to set up.

Now, you can use those default Login credentials on the router label to Login. After you have successfully logged in to the administrative settings make sure to change the default credentials to unique new credentials so third parties cannot have unauthorized access to your wireless network.