Tplinkwifi login setup quick installation guide

Here is a tplinkwifi login setup quick installation guide for the easy installation of your TP-Link extender.

There are mainly two ways to setup your TP Link extender.

  1. Setup with WPS button
  2. Setup with tplinkwifi login

We are going to explain the login process for both these methods in the easiest way possible to keep the process simple for you.

Here’s a few requirements for the TP Link extender setup:

  • First, your extender and TP Link router must be powered ‘On’ and the wireless function on the extender has to be ‘On’.
  • Check whether the extender is connected to the router or if it is not connected or In case it is not connected. Then make sure to connect to before starting the quick setup process.
  • Look at the LED lights on the TP-Link_xxxxx wireless router. Make sure the lights are solid bright because the wireless signal should be strong between extender and router.
  • Don’t forget to check if the ethernet port is connected properly or not.

Once you make all requirements are fulfilled, we can move on with the setup.

Let’s start with the first method:

Setup with WPS (Wi-fi Protected Setup) Button

This setup process is for TP link routers that support WPS. These routers have a WPS button for easy setup. You can check the button that is labeled as WPS or look for the WPS Icon on your router.

Here are the steps you should follow for the quick installation with WPS button:

  • Plug your TP-Link router and extender in the power outlet and turn the power on.
  • Now press the WPS button present on your TP-Link router.
  • Within 2 minutes of pressing the WPS button you need to press the WPS button present on your TP-Link extender as well.
  • Now wait for the WPS LED light on the extender to turn solid.
  • The setup process will now run automatically.
  • Once both are connected you can relocate the extender to wherever you want. But, make sure that the extender is able to get good signal from the router. Don’t move it out of the TP Link router’s signal range.
  • Make sure that you can see full network on your extender because otherwise the TP Link extender would not be able to boost signal efficiently. If the signal strength between the TP link router and extender then you should move the extender closer for a better-quality signal.
  • Now you are ready to connect your wireless devices to the TP-Link extender.

But sometimes the Internet service provider has disabled the WPS Function by default. So, if you try doing the setup by using the WPS button but the setup fails then you need to attempt the second method for setup. You would know that the WPS setup has failed if the WPS LED on your extender does not turn solid while attempting the setup.

So, Let’s Move on to the second method:

Setup with

If your router does not support the WPS setup function then you need another method for the setup.

Here are the steps you should follow for the quick installation with

  • Start by plugging in the TP-Link router and extender and turn the power on for both.
  • Now make sure to Connect the Extender to the TP-Link Router’s Wireless network.
  • If you are using a wireless device like your laptop or a smartphone then you can easily connect the two using Wifi.
  • In case you are using a computer for setup then use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to extender’s network. 
  • Once you are connected to the extender’s network launch a web browser on the computer.
  • Go to which is a local web-based setup wizard for your TP-Link device.
  • You will need to login to the setup wizard. Use ‘admin’ as the default login username and ‘admin’ as the default login password. Click login to continue.
  • You need to Create a new administrator password for security. Confirm new password and save it.
  • Choose the correct time zone and region. 
  • Make sure that you select your internet Connection Type as Auto Detected for easy connection. 
  • Customize your other Wi-Fi network settings as you like and click save settings. 
  • After you exit the TP-Link setup wizard check the WPS LED light on the extender. Wait for the WPS LED light to turn solid. 
  • If the WPS LED light turns solid then it means the setup has completed successfully.
  • If you move it out of the TP Link router’s signal range then the extender will not be able to boost signal efficiently. 
  • Now you are ready to connect to the Wi-Fi network of your wireless TP-Link extender.

In case you come across any issues during the setup process or need assistance just reach out to our helpline. Our technicians will help you troubleshoot any issues that you may face. login setup