How to Reset TP-Link router 

It happens with all of us at some point that we need to login to the router but we forget the password. It can be really inconvenient. So if you ever forget your TP Link router password, and worry about how to reset TP-Link router then the only way is to reset the TP-Link router. This way you can recover the TP-Link router’s default password and then easily login to the TP-Link router’s admin panel.

For this process, the first requirement is that you must reset your Router. 

So, the question is – How to reset the TP-Link router?

Resetting the router is not much of a complicated task. Although you should be aware that once reset is done Your TP-Link router settings and preferences will automatically change back to its default factory settings. 

You should understand that when you attempt the reset, you cannot undo it and you will have to again configure the router settings from the beginning. However, it is the only way to recover your default TP-Link password easily.

How to reset the TP-Link router? Reset process you should follow:

  • Find a reset button on your TP Link Router. The reset button looks like a small hole and it should be labeled as reset. Remember your router should be powered on while you are attempting the reset process.
  • When you see the reset button, find a pin or a paperclip etc to press and hold it. You need to keep pressing the reset button for a few seconds until the reset process is triggered.
  • Once the reset process starts you may let go of the reset button and wait patiently while the reset will take some time to complete.
  • When the reset is finished, wait for the router to restart on its own. In case the TP-Link Router does not start on its own, you should press the power button on TP-Link router to restart it. 

After the reset your default TP-Link login credentials will be recovered. You can use these credentials to easily login to TP-Link router’s GUI settings via 

The default username and password for your TP-Link router is usually printed on its label. If you have the user manual then you many find the default login credentials there as well. But, in case you don’t have the user manual then you should use ‘admin’ as both, the username and default password for TP-Link router login.

So, Now the question is – How do youTp-Link Router Login?

For the TP Link router Login process, Here are the simple steps that you should follow:

  • Get any device such as a smartphone, a laptop or just use your PC and open any installed web browser in it to access the router login page.
  • In the URL bar type and press enter.
  • You should see a Login prompt for your TP-Link router login. When you see the login page appear on the screen, use the default TP-Link Username and password as ‘admin’ in both fields. The username and password fields are case sensitive so be careful as not to enter any capital letters by mistake.
  • Click the login button after filling the required information. If the login is successful, you will be able to access the TP-link router’s admin setup page.
  • On the main admin setup page, you will see wireless settings under the wireless option on the left pane.
  • Go to SSID Network settings and When you see the username option, you can change the username here. Choose any username that you would like and if you don’t want to change the username then just skip this step and continue to wireless password section.
  • When you see the password option, make sure to set authentication method to WPA2-personal. Enter a strong alphanumeric password in the password field. A strong password will be hard to guess for others and will protect your wireless network from hackers etc.
  • Confirm the password that you have chosen and click save to save the new password.
  • You may now move on to other configuration settings of your router. Make any changes that you want and remember to click on save settings before exiting the admin setup page.

Now your TP-Link router is ready to be connected to all your wireless devices. Don’t forget to save the new username and password just in case you ever forget them. At the end of the setup make sure to reboot your router once. 

After the router has restarted you may connect your other devices to your TP-Link wireless network using the new password.

It is important to keep updating the router password regularly to keep it secure and protected. You should choose a strong password which is not common and hard to guess for others. 

A helpful tip for you is to never make the password and username the same as it will be easy to guess for others.

If throughout the process you get any error or don’t understand the process, please reach out to our helpline and a technician will be there for your full assistance.