How to manually upgrade firmware version of your TP-Link Router?

TP-Link Router Firmware Update Manually

A simple reason is that the router manufacturer tries to fix the bugs and protect it from getting attacked. The manufacturer may also let you upgrade some features like outdated encryption modules and might also add some security features.

  1. Now to begin with the upgradation process, you first need to first verify the hardware version of your device. Some of the models are provided with multiple hardware versions. When upgrading the firmware version, always keep in mind that you need to use only firmware for the same hardware version. If you do not abide by the above given process, you might put yourself in a trouble by damaging your device. It will also nullify the warranty of the product.

How to find firmware version of your TP-Link Router?

For most devices, you simply have to turn your device upside down and look out for the characters; ‘Ver X.Y.’ The characters X.Y will be in numbered form, and the character X specifically tells you about the hardware version. For example, if you find Ver 1.1 written over there, the hardware version is 1.

To continue with the process, you need to keep some other things in your mind.

  1. A wireless connection is never prescribed while running the firmware upgrade process.
  2. Do not let your internet connection or power to go off while the process is midway.
  3. When upgrading the firmware version, keep an eye on the notes of the firmware you downloaded.

How to download latest firmware for your Tplink Router?

You need to go to the download center of your region on TP-Link website first and then move on with the appropriate drop downs for your product.

Get a software installed on your system that lets you extract the compressed file you just downloaded. Ignore the step if you already have any such application running on your computer.

You now have to login to the web management page of TP-Link. This can be done from any device including mobile phone, computer, laptop, or an I-pad. Just connect the device to the internet, does not matter even if you do not have the access to the internet.

Get yourself into a web browser, preferably Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Now go to the address bar and type; “”

Now type Username and Password on the login page. The default login credentials for TP-Link devices is, ‘admin.’ You need to type the credentials in place of admin if you have changed them manually. You don’t need to worry if just in case the password has rubbed out of your mind. Simply reset your device by pressing the reset button/hole.


  1. Once you are in, click System Tools-Firmware Upgrade (or Firmware);
  2. Then click the Browse/Choose File button, and click open it.
  3. Once you are there, click on the Upgrade button. Once the process is complete, your system will reboot by itself.
  4. Now when your system starts up, look out for the status of firmware upgrade.

 Your router might go back to the factory setting after getting the firmware upgraded. If such is the case, run the Quick Setup Wizard to re-configure your device.

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